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    Why Drinking Green Tea Helps Prevent andManage Type 2 Diabetes




    The fountain of youth still remains elusive, but there's something that seems close: green tea. People have been drinking tea for centuries, and today it's the second most popular drink in the world (after water). Some of that popularity may stem from the many widely recognized benefits of green tea, including its reported power to prevent cancer and to sharpen mental health. But green tea really offers health benefits related to diabetes, too.

    “We know people with diabetes have problems metabolizing sugar,” says Suzanne Steinbaum, DO, a cardiologist, director of women’s heart health at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City. “Insulin comes along to decrease sugar, but with type 2 diabetes, the body isn’t so sensitive to insulin, so blood sugar levels go up. Through a complex biochemical reaction, green tea helps sensitize cells so they are better able to metabolize sugar. Green tea is good for people with diabetes because it helps the metabolic system function better.”

    A 2013 Research Review published in the Diabetes & Metabolism outlined the potential benefits of green tea when it comes to diabetes as well as obesity, which is a risk factor for diabetes. It highlighted a Japanese study that found that people who drank 6 or more cups of green tea a day were 33 percent less likely to develop type 2 diabetes than were people who drank less than a cup of green tea a week. It also reported on Taiwanese research that found that people who drank green tea regularly for more than a decade had smaller waists and a lower body fat composition than those who weren't regular consumers of green tea.

    Drinking green tea for diabetes is such a good idea because tea contains substances called polyphenols, which are antioxidants found in every plant. “Polyphenols help reduce oxidative stress and cause vasodilation (widening of the arteries), which decreases blood pressure, prevents clotting, and reduces cholesterol,” Dr. Steinbaum says. All of these activities reduce the risk for heart disease, which is elevated in people with diabetes. Polyphenols in green tea can also help regulate glucose in the body, helping to prevent or control diabetes.

    Drinking Tea for Diabetes: Green Tea or Black Tea?

    When it comes to drinking tea for diabetes. Steinbaum says benefits are tied to all teas, but that green tea is the clear winner. "For one, when you drink green tea for diabetes, you will get a higher level of polyphenols than you would get in black,” she explains. It’s the polyphenols in fruits and vegetables that give them their bright colors. So, having more color means that green tea is richer in polyphenols. “Of the black teas, the more orange the color, the higher the polyphenols,” she adds.

    "Green tea is good for people with diabetes because it helps the metabolic system function better." --Suzanne Steinbaum, DO

    Besides its color, green tea also contains higher polyphenol levels because it's prepared from unfermented leaves, "so it is really pure,” Steinbaum says. Black tea, on the other hand, is made from leaves that are fully fermented, which robs it of some nutrients. “Plus, some black tea varieties can have two to three times more caffeine than green, which isn’t good in excess,” she says.

    Polyphenols: Beyond Drinking Green Tea for Diabetes

    The benefits of green tea are clear as it is high in polyphenols, which also can help prevent and manage type 2 diabetes.

    Overall, in addition to drinking green tea for diabetes, eating a diet that’s good for your blood sugar isn’t complicated. “Type 2 diabetes tends to be driven by dietary lifestyle choices," Steinbaum says. "When we talk about prevention, having a diet filled with polyphenols will help the body better metabolize sugar." Hands down, eating foods rich in polyphenols — such as garlic and brightly colored fruits and vegetables — and drinking green tea for diabetes, are great ideas for anyone trying to manage or prevent diabetes.

    “When you say, ‘What is the best diet for diabetes?,’ people are hoping for this amazing plan," Steinbaum says. "But it really comes down to eating colourful fruits and veggies, nuts, drinking green tea, eating fish with omega-3 fatty acids, and getting a little cocoa and red wine — and you’re done."

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  • What is Green Tea?
    Green Tea is unfermented tea which is minimally oxidized and hence green tea contains the highest level of health nutrients as compared to other types of teas. Many world-renowned universities and research institutions have conducted green tea-related scientific and medical research in order to prove its health benefits.
    1. Green tea is a contributing factor for Japanese increased life expectancy—11 years of research by Japanese food scientists and researchers.
    2. Green tea can contribute to weight loss and keep our body slim—Research by University of Chicago,USA.
    3. Green Tea can help prevent hair loss and other lifestyle-related diseases—Research by Saitama Cancer Center Research lnstitute,Japan.
    4. Green tea can boost mental alertness and enhance memory—Research by Korea’s Health Care Ltd.
    5. Green tea can help improve bone health and reduce inflammation—Research by Texas Tech University,USA.
    6. Green tea has anti-aging effects and can enhance our immune system—Research by Purdue University,USA.
    7. The health effects of green tea on cancers—Research by Harvard Medical School,USA.
    8. Green Tea can lighten Urinary lncontinence(leaky bladder),reduce urinary stone formation and glucose levels—Research by Curtin University,Australia.
    In addition,green tea health properties are widely used to help reduce cholesterol levels and high blood pressure,to prevent cavities and gum diseases,to detoxify our body,etc.There are more than 29000000 webites,reports or articles on green tea benefits on the internet.Since organic green tea can help reduce blood glucose levels,diabetic patients can therefore consume it daily.

    What is so special about our “Organic” Green Tea?
    We say “No” to chemical pesticides and fertilizers.Our organic green tea farm is 100% free from human and industrial pollution(the farm is 1300-meter above sea level).We apply ecologically-sustainable farming methods and strictly comply with international organic farming standards to ensure food safety and achieve sound environmental protection.Our organic green tea is “Organically-Certified” by accredited USA,EU,Japan and China agencies.

    Why choose “NewBrand Organic Green Tea”?
    1.We only select fresh organic green tea leaf of premium quality . It contains no chemical pesticides and fertilizers.
    2.We do not crush or grind the tea leaves into powder form so as to avoid oxidization,which will result in the loss of health nutrients in the tea leaf.
    3.We do not use teabag as teabag may contain wax,nylon,staple,bleached paper/string,and they will destroy the purity,taste and fragrance of our organic green tea. And because of teabag,tea drinkers can never examine the freshness of the leaf.
    4.Unlike canned or bottled green tea, we do not add sugar,preservatives or artificial colorings into our organic green tea. Ours is 100% pure and uncontaminated organic green tea leaf.

    Organic Green Tea is dubbed as the Natural Elixir of the 21st century,its benefits have been extensively applied and trusted for generations.Produced in a pollution-free high mountainous area, we grow our organicgreen tea without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Each processing stage is meticulously monitored to achieve the highest hygiene level and to comply with international organic standards,our organic green tea is“Organically Certified” by accredited leading international agencies from USA,EU,Japan and China.Enjoy high quality green tea in its purest form - NewBrand Organic Green Tea!

    Organic green tea shall not be deemed as a medicine having health effects on the diseases mentioned above. Neither do we claim that NewBrand Organic Green Tea possesses such medical effects in whatsoever way. The green tea researches quoted here are true and can be obtained from the universities or research institutions mentioned above. Please consult your doctor if you are unsure about green tea consumption.
    Our organic green tea is full of dietary fiber, which will surface after brewing and it is highly nutritional and drinkable.(Dietary fiber is always mistaken for dust or dirt).

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